Workshop: Making the Workplace We Want

Sharing practical approaches for grassroots culture change at work

Everything you need: a simple worksheet, Sharpies, and candy.

November 4, 2016 | MCN | New Orleans

My co-conspirator on this, Annelisa Stephan, and I have put together a number of grassroots semi-rogue projects at the Getty over the years. In this session we wanted to pass on some of what we learned, and also codify some tools and approaches to take forward. Particularly with the very simple 1Thing worksheet.

In the session, we gave a brief overview of our work and our aims, and then broke attendees into small groups to brainstorm and discuss their own goals and ideas.

Session Description

What does a genuinely human-centered workplace feel like and what can you do to create it? Focusing on positive cultural and operational change for digital staff in the museum workplace, this unconference-style session will include group brainstorms and hands-on activities that explore how meaningful change can happen through small, generous actions from individuals across the org chart.

We’ll generate ideas for concrete actions we can take right now around the conference themes. The following three themes are proposed, but will be open for referendum at the beginning of the session:

  • Collaboration—Connect with respect and true partnership
  • Inclusion—Create safe space for everyone to participate and act authentically
  • Experimentation—Work from creativity and joy

We’ll focus on fostering equitable work cultures that provide alternatives to the dominator paradigm. The presenters will also share their own successes and failures in their quest for culture change, with a focus on trust, open communication, digital literacy, and the occasional happy hour.

Come ready to share your own strategies, aspirations, and gripes, and leave with actionable ideas for making your own museum more collaborative, dynamic, and just plain personal—including a commitment to go back and do one thing in the following weeks to make your workplace what you need it to be.

Other Speakers/Participants

  • Annelisa Stephan, Manager for Digital Engagement, J. Paul Getty Trust

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