Panel: Digital Publishing 101: The Complete Picture from EPUB to App

Confidently navigating the many expanding options for digital publication projects

June 13, 2014 | NMPS | Boston

For this panel at the biannual National Museum Publishing Seminar, we sought to give attendees a sense of the full spectrum of digital publishing options. As part of it, we created and shared a chart detailing our view of the field.

Along with moderating the panel, for my part I spoke specifically about web books. In my talk, “Web. Books. Web Books.”, I identified three reasons why I loved the web and through those, why the web was good for publishing:

  1. You can do amazing things with it
  2. It’s connected to everything
  3. There’s porn

That last point (which I continue to stand by) certainly elicited some murmurs from the crowd.

Session Description

Six years since the introduction of the Kindle, and only four years since the first iPad, there are myriad choices in digital art book publishing formats and platforms, each with its own unique opportunities in content development, production, and distribution. In this session, we’ll cover reflowable e-books like EPUB and MOBI, hybrid enhanced books with iBooksAuthor and Adobe DPS, fully custom tablet apps, and HTML5 web books. Hear from some of digital art book publishing’s leading thinkers and practitioners as they share what really excites them about these format options while also being forthright about the drawbacks of each. Walk away with a dream for you own digital publishing project, and the tools to make it happen.

Other Speakers/Participants

  • Tina Henderson, Digital Publishing Consultant and Production Artist
  • Elisa Leshowitz, Director of Publisher Services, ARTBOOK/D.A.P.
  • Edyta Lewicka, Designer, Potion

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